Is about opening democracy to a larger group of people. We seek to provide the most secure voting platform while making voting accessible to all. We have built an easy-to-use, transparent, secure, and affordable election solution for voters and voting administrators.

Where we are today

Our blockchain-based voting platform runs on the Binance Smart Chain network for elections and polls. Due to being a blockchain-based solution, we’re relevant worldwide to the voting needs of our stakeholders. Rematic Vote is able to scale from small groups to large enterprise/country-wide elections. We will continue to provide secure, transparent, and democratic voting for all. As we grow, we seek to achieve increased accessibility of voting globally.

Rematic Vote was created from necessity and opportunity.

Rematic Vote is the result of growing frustration, lack of trust, and division in the methodology of elections. The current systems in play are slow, clunky, and don't provide a 100% transparent experience. After researching elections and voting platforms, we have worked tirelessly to create a new age, secure and transparent voting platform.

Based on learnings from our research, we have created an online, blockchain-based voting platform that works straight from your phone or electronic device.

We have created a minimalistic, simple-to-use platform for the voter and voting administrator. The election and poll area allows individuals to understand the election at hand. Additionally, it provides real-time, legitimate voting results which can't be tampered with, as they're submitted directly to the blockchain.

Who we are

Rematic Vote is designed and developed by Rematic Tokens. We build and create minimalistic and elegant technological solutions for real-world and blockchain needs. We’re always looking to improve our voting platform, so contact us with your comments, questions, and suggestions.

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