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Participation is crucial for any successful election. From board meetings to general elections, it's important everyone participates. With our platform, the vote's are in your hands, without the hassle of travel. The minimalistic designs take the steps away by providing the options quickly.


With an election, you want to see the results. With our election manager, you’ll see exactly what votes have been made. Each vote cast will be shown in our service and saved indefinitely to keep track of current, past, and future elections.


The voting platform complements the current electoral and voting mechanics of real-life voting while keeping the simplicity housed in a virtual app. Election managers set up their elections and then invite users to take part. Providing a quick and efficient voting experience.


Everyone's vote counts. With the votes being cast and contractually signed on the blockchain, you can not only see your vote outcome in real-time but the vote cannot be tampered with.

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